Sunday, 2 January 2011

Desert Island Discs

I've enjoyed this Radio 4 programme for years. Apparently it's been broadcast since 1942 with Roy Plomley as host until his death in 1985.
Everything about it - the signature tune By the Sleepy Lagoon, the mandatory reference to Roy, the format, and the politely-probing questions of Kirsty Young - is so reassuringly familiar and yet the selection of music, like the guest each week, is different and diverse.

I like to make lists and sometimes compile them to help me to get to sleep. Last night I couldn't get to sleep because I've got flu so I began compiling a Desert Island Discs-style list of my own. I've often thought of what I'd choose for the show, including favourite book and luxury item but found it impossible - I so admire the celebrities who not only manage to do that but then broadcast their choice! I obviously need to lighten up.

Anyway, last night I decided to narrow my search to favourite worship songs and bible texts. In no particular order it reads (and plays if you give it a click) :-

Take the shackles from my feet so I can Dance -Mary Mary
I still haven't found what I'm looking for. - U2
When I survey the Wondrous Cross - Isaac Watts
How Great Thou Art
Tear your Pride in two - Nils Olav
Faithful One - Brian Doerksen
Before the throne of God Above - Charitie Lees Smith
Rock 'n Roll Gypsy - Gus Eyre tibute

And my texts would be :-
John 3
Psalm 103
Romans 8
John 8
Matthew 6

Numbers 6 vv24-26
Revelation 3 v20
Isaiah 61

Anyone like to share their own Desert Island list?