Friday, 31 December 2010

My Eyrie

My blog profile refers to our grown up family "feathering their own nests" but it occurs to me that I'm also building a nest. I call it my eyrie and it's under the roof in one of our attic rooms.
Since I'm past the egg-laying stage what I'm hoping to hatch there are ideas: creative ideas to enrich my life. The empty-nester has transformed into the nest-builder.
(An actual eyrie I photographed in Ontario, Canada)

As a child I shared a room until my siblings left home and had never really made a room my own. Even at college, living in halls of residence, when I had a single room for a year I didn't relax into it. While my friend, Pat, down the corridor transformed her cell into a nest, personalising it with pictures and fabrics, mine remained unchanged and institutional. So making a room of my own now is a big deal.

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