Wednesday, 30 June 2010

cotton socks and canine capers

Knitted with 100% cotton yarn by ONline - part of the Trend-collection LINIE165 SANDY-COLOR (reading from label - I've tried to find it on the web without success.) which was purchased in Budapest at a Burdo shop. Having left my knitting at home by mistake (of course) I had to search the city for yarn & needles before I got withdrawal symptoms. Poor Stephen trying to translate '4-ply' and 'double pointed needles' to an unimpressed assistant in an overcrowded little shop. Eventually found 2 other Burdos and started knitting these little cotton socks for myself. It's the 10th pair I've knitted but the first for me and I'm really pleased with the yarn which has knitted up very neatly and without splitting or stretching.
It's quite hard to watch the tennis at the same time as knitting especially when Federer is playing and being beaten.

Also reading this book which is giving me a real insight into doggy behaviour. Talking of which I found this lovely little video of 2 Westies playing tag which sooo reminded me of our beloved Posie and Dougal - watch the body language!

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