Friday, 2 July 2010

Meet the family

Each one has a name and a story.
There's Trevor, Stuart, Eric, Jude, Brian, Fred, Rosie, Tennis-Ted, the Purple Pair, Jelly Babes and Elvis. They're not a collection - heaven forbid - and I'm only sentimental about one or two.They have just appeared over the years.
I know people who love to collect hedgehogs, owls, thimbles, coins, stamps, allsorts - and I've attempted to collect old glass in the past and enjoyed researching about it. But BEARS??
They're family.

On the left is
Fred with his
jet 'medal' - a
gift from a dear friend.

Stuart is the glum chap on the right. He's a 'rescue' from the Church Shop

Rosie loves her Mum

Eric is the beast of burden and Brian sits behind Jude

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